The Journey

The journey began in November of 2009 when I wrote the first draft of Lily’s story.  I have always wanted to write a novel and never knew how or where to being.  I felt I had a million stories brewing inside of me and I wasn’t sure which path to go down.  Mental illness has always been an important topic to me and once I made up my mind to start writing I dove in, heart first.  After the first draft I honestly didn’t know where to go next.

By chance I became reacquainted with one of my writing instructors from college and she generously agreed to read what I had.  She gave me incredible feedback and some great direction.  She had this to say about the manuscript…

“This novel does the important work of challenging persistent, damaging beliefs: That Truth exists; that a unified, unfragmented self is possible; and that mental illness is something we can continue to hide from and ignore. In reading Lily’s story, we are asked to face what we try so hard to avoid—the complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty of life. Lily helps us explore and embrace what it means to be human.” – Nicole Warwick (Cal State Northridge Writing Instructor) 

Since then I have worked off and on editing, getting input, and writing some more.  It’s exciting to see where the story takes me and each time I go back to the text I see a deeper part of the story unfold. After a great deal of thought and reflection I have decided to self-publish “Silence & Noise: one girls journey into insanity”  I am hoping to release it this fall/winter so please follow me on this adventure of releasing my first novel, on my own!  I’m excited at the challenge ahead of me and thankful for all the support I have on this journey.


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