Book Release and other musings.

well it has been almost two years (but really a lifetime) in the making and i’m excited that next month i will finally be releasing my first novel.  i remember for a long time knowing that i wanted to create things.  i knew i loved film, i loved the way good films made me feel and i wanted to be involved in that process.  for some reason i never really saw myself as a writer.  which is confusing to me still, because all i did was write.  for those who knew me way back when (okay, so maybe it wasn’t really way back when…but still) they could confirm i always had a composition notebook in hand.  i would buy bulk packs of composition books and decorate them in magazine photos and random words, and that is where i wrote my thoughts, my observations, my teenage angst, stuff like that.  i still have most of those notebooks and i skim through them from time to time and laugh at myself a little.  i think it’s important to be able to laugh at yourself, sometimes we take ourself way to seriously.  anyway, even though all i did was write i never really thought, “hey, i should write!”  i knew i wanted to go to film school, but i didn’t envision it would be with a focus on writing.  i used to think, “one day i want to write a book.” but about what i didn’t know it was just some dream that seemed pretty distant because again i didn’t think i was a writer.

so i went to film school and after the persuasion of some professors i turned my focus to screenwriting.  after i graduated i worked on some script ideas, but i still had this idea of writing a book almost haunting me.  well i finally gave in and started writing Silence & Noise: one girl’s journey into insanity a couple novembers ago.  and it’s a pretty good feeling having accomplished that dream.  even if no one else reads it, i did it, i chased down a dream.  i still have a hard time considering myself a writer because i do so many other things i love. i have always had a hard time feeling like i was putting myself in a box.  i love music, i love words, i love lyrics, i love working with creative people, i love helping people reach their dreams, i love creating, i love film.  i thought if i called myself a writer, or if i wrote a book does that mean i can’t do all those other things i love?  does that mean this is what i am now and i can’t be anything else?  i finally got to the point where i realized i can do all the things i love, it’s more about prioritizing and balancing my time than it is about limiting the things i am involved in.

so, i wrote my book, and i will be releasing it October 20th.  i’m having a release party that night in Nashville and the book will be available on Amazon and through this blog and you’ll be able to get it in stores soon too.  i hope those that are able to will come and celebrate with me, it should be a fun night.  i’m looking forward to holding my book in my hand and sharing it with others. a big thank you to Anthony Scarlati for shooting all the promo photos for the book, like the one used in the flyer below.